Ribbons Earrings L

Earrings L series Ribbons. Handmade. Made from plastic packing straps. Hook for pierced ears in Silver.

Also available in different colors.



Expecting. Unpacking the gift. Disposing what is redundant. Redundant how? Ribbons turn a package into a gift. They travel a long way, colourful and durable, and become playful spirals which give as much pleasure as they did in their previous form.

Ribbons have numerous uses and are a favourable crafting accessory. Ribbons have been around since the Middle Ages when merchants journeyed over Europe peddling extravagant ribbons from the East. Throughout the course of history ribbons have been regarded as a symbol of nobility and were worn exclusively by the upper-class. By the seventeenth century ribbons had permeated the fashion industry and men and women’s clothing were adorned with ribbons in various forms.