George C. Necklace Cylinders

Necklace series George C. Handmade. Eight chains short necklace with color cylinders made from Nespresso capsules. A safety silver clasp to fasten on the neck.


George C.

Coffee plays an enormous role in our daily lives and our rituals; it deeply connects us. Coffee is a habit of most of us. A rather pleasant one. No matter how one drinks it, whether ones takes milk or not, there is a wide variety of flavoured coffee capsules that one can choose from. Imagine the limitless possibilities that these used capsules offer to the upcycling designer. They are light, malleable, and colourful. A hunt for new colours and special editions begins. And, again, friends, colleagues, friends of friends, and colleagues of colleagues come to the aid. They find, keep, and bring the capsules over because they also like their funky look.

The collection “George C” is made of single-serving coffee capsules/pods by transforming the 2gr of aluminum that is consider from critics “an environmental menace” to a beautiful handcrafted good/jewelry.