Ariadne’s Thread Ring Globe

Ring Globe series Ariadne’s Thread, Handmade, made of cable conductor.


Ariadne's Thread

A great adventure. Colorful imbroglios under a mundane grey coating. The invisible labor of the designers that mark cables and their functions. An admirable compatibility of colors and combinations. Remnants of cables abandoned by electricians on construction sites, old cables from outdated computers, unwanted surplus forgotten in warehouses – these are my raw materials. They are transformed into a whole series of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and brooches. All extremely resistant and durable. Just like they were designed to be.

Ariadne’s thread is the thread of the divine present in all things. If one could find the beginning of the thread within, they could then unravel it and discover, or rather uncover, their source and find the way through the maze of the creative process/journey.