The New Obsession

Eating breakfast in the morning has become something of a luxury. We’re so rushed trying to get to work that even adding one more step to our routine can make us late.

Maybe we’ll grab a bite when we manage to find an extra 10 minutes to whip up a meal or buy something on the way to the office. But, there is a better solution to our breakfast woes — jars!

Just take a few minutes to prep (which you can even do the night before) and then bring one with you to eat at the office.

Hardly any time lost and, plus, now breakfast will pair perfectly with the jars we’ve already been obsessively making for snacks and lunch.

Author: Zoe Bain, Sources: refinery29, Photographed by Ted Cavanaugh, Food Styling by Brett Kurzweil, Prop Styling by Marissa Herrmann. Read the full article here.