Evanthia Tavla

Architect, Designer & Dreamer
Evanthia Tavla

Passionate about design

The only time I feel perfect is when I am creating, transforming, designing something – anything… I pity the garbage. I like them because at one time they were something important and now they are… of no use. I collected them as a child: pieces of colored paper, wrapping from chocolates and cigarettes, corks, beads, threads and yarns. All these with time became clothing for dolls, accessories for their houses, then X-mas cards and further on jewelry. I continually look at the things thrown on roads, not because of poorest that I never felt, but due to interest from where they come from, of what use it had and what its story was.

My work as a designer consists in being always informed what happens around me, to be interested in any art, because art is an inspiration. Literature, photography, architecture, painting, music, travel .. the truth is that there are no restrictions. Just to clarify – this is my view, everyone builds their work formulas over the years, mine is such – anything that causes an emotion is quite naturally to inspire me and give me the thirst to create something.

"My simple hope is that the comfort, elegance, quality and practical intelligence of my handcrafted goods may bring pleasure to those who receive them, thus helping to spark the metamorphosis of the everyday to which we all aspire: Joy."